The TIGER Difference

Tiger Contractors LLC was formed to perform Heavy / Civil Construction projects primarily in the Tristate area of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, with a heavy emphasis on the Philadelphia market.

Tiger has invested heavily in building a world-class team of experienced construction and business professionals to serve the growing needs of infrastructure improvements and new construction throughout the region. So much so, that our Ownership Team has over 100 years of combined experience in Hundreds of Millions of Dollars of Heavy Civil Service projects and Multi-Billion Dollar Global/Corporate organizations—driving Quality Results and Performance.

As part of the investment in our area’s future, Tiger has put the hard work in to earn certifications and licenses to perform government and private work at the highest level and to add value to our communities. Our diverse skill set allowed us to operate under numerous NAIC Code designations. Below are the following NAIC Codes that we identify with: 221310, 221320, 237110, 237310, and 238910. To learn more or to speak to one of the knowledgeable members of Tiger Contractors please call 215-260-9723.

About Tiger Contractors

Tiger Contractors LLC is positioned and managed as a quality and safety focused, decades-experienced tri-state regional, multi-service line, multi-project, union-based firm with great people and culture that positively impacts the communities in which it serves and operates. Tiger has the capability to perform mass excavation, water, sewer, and storm pipe and appurtenances installation, tank services, concrete work, and paving. In addition, Tiger can provide Equipment Rentals with Qualified Operators on an as needed basis to compliment site specific requirements.

Ownership has taken part in many water, sewer, reconstruction projects throughout Philadelphia. The Tiger ownership and construction teams have decades of experience working in the complex urban environment that demands adaptability to changing project conditions while maintaining time-sensitive schedules. Tiger is a Seasoned, Highly-Regarded, Performance-Driven Team that is MBE Certified and Qualified to Continue Delivering on High Expectations of its Government and Private Clients.




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Through hard work, commitment to safety, and uncompromising business principles, Tiger Contractors is dedicated to serving the needs of our region’s construction infrastructure and communities. Contact us to discuss your next project or employment.



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